Live oil trade room

Our live oil trade room is open from 7:30a.m. til roughly 11a.m. CST, depending on trading volume . We trade crude oil futures and have a high success rate. In the room you will learn how professional traders trade. We call trades in advance and you have the ability to trade along side us. You will learn fundamentals and basics of trading. We will also show you how easy it is to trade off our NEW OFTPI indicator we’ve spend months building and perfecting.

Ask Us about the free intra day oil chat trial

  • Live Charts/Live Analysis
  • Expert scalps
  • Ask Questions – LIVE!
  • Educational Techniques
  • Proprietary Secrets
  • Day Trading Secrets
  • Trade With The Pros

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One thought on “Live oil trade room

  1. Hello, do you offer a free trial? How can i get access to the trial. Where can i find a performance sheet? How much is the risk for every trade?

    Andreas Kant

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